Solitaire is a Card Game launched for a single player in which the player needs to organize the deck of cards into four blank blocks. In this free solitaire, players need to arrange the cards in ascending order from Ace to King or try to create a sequence of cards. There is an effective way to deal with cards: you can flip the cards from the stockpile either one at a time or three at a time.

There are six face-down cards and one card that is face-up, this type of dealing is known as Tableau. To win this game, you need to first learn the rules and strategies of solitaire online. You can flip the cards from the stock and also move the card from waste onto the foundation.

How to Play Solitaire?

To Play Spades, Follow the Steps:

  1. In the beginning, an Ace card is played, and cards of that suit are placed.
  2. If any tableau is empty, then you can only move the king to that column.
  3. Flip all the face-down cards, and those cards are played by the player.
  4. Win the game by arranging all the cards in a sequence.