Hearts is an online trick-taking Card Game for four players with a standard deck of 52 cards of different suits. The motive for playing these hearts online is to get the fewest points when someone is reaching nearly 100 points. Each heart is counted as one point, and the queen of hearts counts 13 points, so the total aggregate total of scores must be a multiple of 26.

The Hearts Game is easy to learn, and players can comfortably sit with four people to play for free. The steps are simple: to win this heart game, you need to first understand the strategies for winning. Basically, Hearts Game is a card game for developing your strategic skills and also sharpening your mind.

How to Play Hearts?

To Play Hearts, Follow the Steps:

  1. Once you start, the Hearts player needs to select the lowest three cards for the opponent.
  2. For a better move, you need to play the highest card among all three opponents.
  3. To easily win, player need to play the lowest card, which is not available to their opponents.
  4. The game is ended when the four players traditionally reach 100 points.